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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Men's Gifting Guide

As promised... 

According to my dear husband, Valentine's Day is the "accessory" holiday. Therefore, I have assembled, with his help, a Gifting Guide for the men in your life. 
Dan is incredibly difficult to shop for so, I feel for all of you ladies with a challenge! Poor guy is so picky I think I'll eventually stop trying. (feel bad for him.)

I've also become really big on DIY projects as of late, and came across this amazing list of crafty goodness from Brittany over at The House that Lars Built. This is the cutest blog! 

I do hope this list provides some insight for you all in plenty of time to avoid procrastination (yeah, right.). Happy Shopping or crafting.. whichever path you choose. 

Salvatore Ferragamo 'Acqua Essenziale' Eau de Toilette:  I really like this new fragrance. It's fresh and clean, manly, but not too musky or overpowering. Thumbs up, Salvatore. 

Harry's - "The Winston" Shave Set A cute little alternative shaving company you can set up an auto replenish for your man, but this set comes with 3 blades and a tube of shaving cream. 

This sweet flask. From J Crew. How fun. I just love clever things. 

Whiskey Stones. Really NEAT, cooling stones to add to cocktails that don't melt or waterdown your man's adult beverage. Genius. 

This dark and mysterious black and gold Michael Kors watch. Shh!! Don't tell Dan, it doesn't have a date (a pet peeve of his...) whatever it's a hot watch.

Dan doesn't like these cuff links, but I think they are super cute and creative. Hopefully you do too, if not sorry not sorry.  

Good luck ladies! 

xoxo. LP

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