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Friday, January 24, 2014

Vendor Love: Burlap and Bordeaux

Here's a little Vendor Love: Be sure to check out our friends,Burlap & Bordeaux! With valentine's day coming up they have the CUTEST arrangements of creative gifts! 

Here's a little about them from the Owner, Brooke. 
"About a year ago my cousin and I sought out to find the best products in local artisans throughout California. We scoured farmers markets, from Ventura, to Ojai, to Santa Barbara. Everything that goes into our baskets has a story. Here are just a few examples:
-our chocolate comes from a a store called Trufflehounds in Ventura. It's owned by a woman named Claudia who personally develops distinct and interesting flavors, & everything is made in house.
-our honey comes from a woman named Sandy in Lompoc California. She and her husband have had their bee farm for years, but what makes their story unique is their love for their bees. She literally cares for them as family. All honey is raw, organic, and comes from her wild flowers & sage gardens. 
-our salami comes from a company in Paso Robles. All organic, preservative free, nitrate free.
-our cheese comes from a farm in Petaluma, CA and is all organic. Delicious, we discovered them at a farmers market.
-our baked goods come from a bakery in Ojai, CA where everything is made from the highest quality ingredients. Even the granola is made fresh!
-our tea, personally selected in LA, all organic
-our pistachios, organic from a farm in Santa Barbara.
-our flowers, we personally go to the grower and hand pick which flowers we are going to use.

These are just a few, we have a personal relationship with every vendor. The stories are incredible, we have definitely found a calling in the most beautiful people we could have ever imagined to work with. When we put our baskets or floral designs together, each is made uniquely with love. Sounds cliche, but it's true. Every basket is custom. Please visit our website, there are lots of photos as well as more stories about our vendors & products."

Check them out on their website and instagram also! 

xoxo. LP

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